Meet the Band


Caleb MacCartee

Piano, Trombone
Hometown:  Pensacola, FL     

Caleb is Alabama raised and living in Pensacola playing the keys and trombone. Growing up in a church with both parents passionate for piano and his brother for trombone, Caleb quickly attached to both instruments and sounds, carrying them with him through high school band into his college years and beyond.

Caleb is inspired by all genres and artists, with a soft spot for blues, jazz, reggae and rock – from Elvis Presley to Red Hot Chili Peppers.   Caleb has played for many diverse audiences. With his blues-rock band Johnny No, he’s opened for: Blues Traveler, Buckcherry and Bush at Bayfest 2012. He’s played Ground Zero in Clarksdale, Mississippi (most notably known as Morgan Freeman’s club) for Juke Joint Fest, and BB Kings Blues Club on Beale in Memphis, as well as venues in New Orleans and Gip’s Place, Bessemer, AL. He’s appeared at Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola, and several Bands on the Beach concerts.

Ben Vogel

Rhythm & Lead Guitarist / Lead Vocals
Hometown:  San Diego, Ca

Born in San Diego, California in 1987 and raised in a military family, Ben has lived around the world and been affected by different cultural influences. Inspired by his father and cousins, he picked up the guitar at the age of 13 and taught himself to play by spending hours learning different songs and playing with various people and groups to hone his skills. Ben is mostly influenced by the modern Blues players such as, Jack White and Dan Auerbach.

Ben has played with various bands such as, The White Water Shindig, Screwdriver, and The Effect. Besides playing guitar he plays; bass, banjo, keyboard, drums, and ukulele, but not all at the same time!. He plays a Fender Stratocaster.


Jennifer Del Gallo-Taylor

Lead Vocalist
Hometown:  Pensacola, FL     

Jennifer has performed many leading roles on stage. Some of her favorite roles include Anna, in “The King and I” and Maria in “The Sound of Music”.  She has appeared in short films, commercials, and various forms of print work. As a young adult she enjoyed competing in pageants and even held the title of Miss Pensacola.

She’s also recorded two full length albums in Nashville working with Grammy award winning producer, Larry Butler.

Jennifer sings lead and back-up vocals.  She’s a percussionist and a great source of fun and frankness. She’s always looking for another song to sing. Jennifer brings a wonderful, powerful voice and can flat out sing a song…any song.

Gerald Adcox

Percussion, Guitar
Hometown:  Pensacola, FL     

Gerald started playing drums at Brentwood Middle School and continued to play through high school as a member of the award-winning Woodham High School Band. He played in many local rock bands as he graduated and went on to college, playing at local clubs such as  Down Under, Machine Gun Kelly’s, and Big Daddy’s. He played drums in the traveling Ebb Tides, once playing to over 50,000 people in McAllen, Texas at the 1976 July 4th celebration.

Gerald has extensive relationships with such  southern notables as the Marshall Tucker Band, Grinderswitch, and Wet Willie.  He has provided background studio productions to many southern Gospel and rock bands over the years.

He continues to have extensive charitable relationships in Pensacola, serving as Past President of the Ronald McDonald House, Habitat For Humanity past chairman, past chairman of the Cattle Barons Ball, chairman of the development board of Sacred Heart Foundation and a current officer of the Sacred Heart Foundation. He continues to be a member of Five Flags Rotary, and currently serves on the WSRE public TV board. He owns and operates Adcox Imports, a luxury car dealership, and has two children, Sarah and Brady. He and his wife, Victoria, are the 2014 honorary chairs of the Wine and Food Classic, a major fundraiser for WSRE TV.

His passions are music and classic cars.

Mike Vogel

Lead guitar / Lead Vocals
Hometown: Luling, TX

He was born the third of six children to an Air Force pilot and a woman from Texas. His first musical influence was his grandmother Izetta, who played guitar and harmonica in the oil country around Luling, Texas. His Mom played the piano by ear (still does). His Dad sang from the pew and around a camp fire.”

His first instrument was the trumpet. He learned how to read and play music, like most kids his age, at school. Mike’s Dad was transferred to Okinawa, Japan as he was entering high school. He played the horn through middle school in beginning and concert bands. His Dad was transferred to Okinawa, Japan as he was entering high school. His director, a man named Ralph Cabret, was a bass player who studied at Julliard. He arranged the Chicago VII album for our Kubasaki High School stage band. “We played shows all over the island even doing a couple with the USO”, Mike says.

His brother, Kevin, with three other friends started a band called Desda Nova (“Desda” means nothing and “Nova” means new…get it?). He was the horn player but all of the girls liked the guitar players or drummer so he had to follow his heart. His brother broke most of his fingers teaching him guitar but he was smitten. Desda Nova played at friends parties and at a resort on Okinawa called Okuma. They’d play through the weekend for $200.00 a night and board.

From then on he doubled between the horn and rhythm sections playing in jazz, concert and marching bands. His father figured that since he and his brother could both play, they owed a debt for their talent to the Almighty. It followed that they should play at mass for the folk and youth choirs. Mike has played at church ever since. He’s been a member of or led a choir in every part of the world for nigh on 35 years. He has been blessed countless times for the debt he’ll never fully repay.

He continued to double with horn and guitar through college playing in church, jazz, marching and concert bands at Black Hills State College in Spearfish South Dakota and his alma mater, the University of Southern Mississippi. He also played with friends at clubs and parties when the chance arose.

After university, he looked for work but found a life in the Navy flying both the F-4 and F-14. He met and fell in love with a beautiful young woman from Pensacola. They have two sons. He flew for 20 years all the while playing in church and in bands along the way. While in the Navy, he had ample opportunity to organize shipboard concerts, jam with friends, and play in a number of bands with names like Gonzo Jam, Guns Jam, and the Ripper Band. He retired from the Navy after 21 years in Pensacola. He signed on to play with these folks at the annual parish picnic and has been in MASS KUNFUZION ever since.”

He plays a white ’82 Japanese Telecaster (named Jae-bird) his wife gave him when they were stationed in Atsugi, Japan bought from the Sony music store in the Ginza of downtown Tokyo; and a black Grande’ Les Paul copy (named Elaine) his father bought for him when he was a senior in high school.”

Frankie Patti

Hometown:  Pensacola, FL     

Michael Danielson

Hometown:  Pensacola, FL     

Liko Crump

Hometown:  Pensacola, FL     

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  1. Margo Watson says:

    Mark, You and the group Mass Kunfuzion came up while I was searching for the old group Lazy Day. I am from Andalusia, AL and came to P’cola with my friend Linda a lot back in the day. Went to Bogies on the Beach on Sundays for Rum and Reggae and the group Lazy Day. Also visited Kevins La Playa and listened to Blaine sing many times. I would like to obtain some of both groups music…can you help me??

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